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Aatmaja Homes

Since 2000



Priya Palace

02. Priya Palace.png

VGP Srinivasa Nagar

03. VGP Srinivasa Nagar 02.jpg

Rathi Rupa & Rathi Priya

04. Rathi Priya 02 (1).png

Prasanthi Palace

05. Prasanthi Palace.png

Saravana Nagar

06. Saravana Nagar.png

New Balaji Nagar

07. New Balaji NagarI.png

Saravana Nagar

08. Saravana Nagar Rajakilpakkam.png

Atmaja Palace

09. Atmaja Palace.png

Swetha Apartments

10. Sewtha Apartments.png

Anand Kailaash

13. Anand Kailaash.png

Sowmya Apartments

14. Sowmya Apartments.png

Bhargavi Palace

15. Bhargavi Palace.png

Shreya Shelters

16. Shreya Shelters.png

Sakthi Nagar

17. Sakthi Nagar - Urapakkam 01.png

Anand Meenakshi

19. Anand Meenakshi.png

House for Mr Sathya


Apartment for Dr.Jaisri


Apartment for Mr.Ganesh Pandian

07. New Balaji NagarI.png

House for Mr.Karthik


House for Mr.Hari Hara Sudan


House for Mr.Akilesh


House for Mr.Srinivasa Rangan


Our Approach

At our company, we prioritize a project management process that is centred on trust, accountability, and ownership. We understand the importance of meeting tight timelines while still delivering high-quality results. We also recognize that project requirements may evolve over time, so we emphasize flexibility and adaptability in our approach.

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